martedì 17 dicembre 2013

icebar jukkasjarvi

After 20 days of no-stop work, the icebar is finally done.
It was a growing experience, for many reason. Maybe the first time for me in a team of 3 divas ( me aswell of course), one of the biggest project done in snow and ice, probably the coolest average temperature of work.
I can say it has been a great experience, really really nice and full of emotions.
Thank you my little second hometown.......

lunedì 16 dicembre 2013

minus 40° in jukkasjarvi

when the weather is really cold, the air is so fine and the sky is clear, even the smallest tiny emotion can be frozen

domenica 24 novembre 2013

After a veeeery long day, to be true 2 days without sleep , and an animated trip, i finally jumped of the plane that Will bring me in One of favourite corners in the world. This flight has some pillars from the first year:  tomato juice, white and grey planes and airports and a lot of coffes and hotchocolate!
But sometimes, even the germans can really surprise me....

martedì 5 novembre 2013

little tour in Genova

After months, the first sunday without any hike, any run, any pick to climb.
A smooth lazy walk around Genova's small streets, searching for nice spot to shoot, and following the nose instinct.
Of course we had a plan, not a very hard one, but still...
...visiting a Doisneau exhibition. A great photographer, in a city that is totally not one of my favourite , but i know is just my personal taste.
Anyway, a nice sunday not far form the salty water

sabato 2 novembre 2013

A friday afternoon in a very known cheap furniture shop, a lot of people of course, it s a holyday in italy, walking and watching and buying. I also find sonething to take home, but the main thing i saw is a big poster of my next project :
I feel so proud to be part of it!!!!!

lunedì 28 ottobre 2013

27 october, my second race. I know, 9 km is nothing....but still, you have to do it.
800 people at the start, after few meters all are almost alone with their thinkings,troubles, emotions, and pain of course.
One hour running alone, up hill, in the middle of a nice autumnal forest, with mud, leaves and branches on the path.
At the finish line, you feel that you can keep on going, you still have some power to load on the road.

giovedì 24 ottobre 2013

A normal thursday, late night....
this is the beginning of my new experience....
a diary of my life, my trips, my works, my emotions.